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Workshop - Thinking: Creating Memorable Characters
December 20, 2021

The workshop aims to enable the participant to plan, understand, elaborate and create characters, for the most diverse platforms, such as: cinema, TV, novel, comics, etc.


Investment BRL 69.00

To register, contact WhatsApp 19 9 8810-1401 and receive instructions for payment methods.

Job market

Writers can produce literary works (novels, short stories, poetry), plays or even scripts for comics, games, cinema and TV. These works can be fictional or documentary (depicting real events). Writers can also work with adapting texts to different formats and translating works written in other languages.


DAY  - 12/20/2021

- The Zoom room will open at 6:45 pm;


- Start at 19:00 hours;


- Opening;


-To imagine;


- Analyzing the Characters;


- Determining the Character;


- Assigning Backstory ;


- Understanding the Character;


-Character relationship;

- Dimension of the character;


- Creation in Practice.


End: 22:00 hours.

The Participant will be entitled to:
• Certificate;
• bonus  - Discount card for the next workshop;

General information:
• A group will be created in  WhatsApp, for disclosure of the access link and for sending the certificate and bonus;
• The certificate and bonus will be delivered within thirty working days after the end of the workshop.
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