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imagem ilustrativa para a galeria de arte do instituto de artes darci campioti
imagem ilustrativa para os colaboradores do instituto de artes darci campioti
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The Institute - History

About the Institute  of Arts Darci Campioti

    The Institute was born from a dream, by the hands of the artist Darci Campioti, who after working for more than 22 years as an illustrator of books and magazines and teaching in schools in São Paulo, such as Escola de Desenho Cândido Portinari and Escola de Desenho Arte São Paulo, developed his own method and  he founded the

Institute of Arts here in Campinas, performing  so one   matured dream.

    The school was soon recognized in Campinas and region, for its new  teaching concept and excellent method.

     The idea  was to bring a totally innovative course, where the student  learns through techniques to develop and create their own  drawings, working with goals and programmed courses where the  student knows exactly how long it will take to finish the course and  more than that, already knowing all the techniques proposed in each  course.

Institute  of Arts Darci Campioti  

at Successful Entrepreneurs VTV/SBT

     To achieve this objective, the Arts Institute started to  offer 2 and 4 hours of course per week, something totally new, thus providing a better use of the student in the classes.


    Thus, combining Darci Campioti's entrepreneurial spirit and the excellent method developed by him, the Instituto  de Artes became a solid teaching institution, set its mark and became a teaching reference in Campinas and Region.

    All this success was only possible through those who believed in our potential, from each student who passed through here. And today, still having contact with our former students (friends) and current students, we are sure that we are on the right track, reaching our goal, when we hear from them about their progress as designers and professionals in the area.

    To everyone who believed in our success, we have no words to express our gratitude and love and let's move on. As Walt Disney said:


"Here, however, we don't look back for long.
We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things...
Because we are curious... and curiosity continues to lead us down new paths... keep going!”

About Darci Campioti

   Master in communication and media culture, director and professor at Instituto de Artes Darci Campioti, professor at UNIP University, with experience in coordinating and teaching Graphic Design and Audiovisual Production courses at Faculdade de Americana – FAM.  Speaker of art and culture, with more than 30 years in the market. Comic book collector and scholar.

   Illustrator (books, magazines, children's and textbooks), Sculptor (toy art and fiber glass) and screenwriter; teacher of drawing and arts in the areas of: Comics (comics, manga, realist), Screenwriting, Artistic Drawing, Painting Techniques, Airbrushing, Caricature, Anatomy, Conventional and digital drawing.

   Character Creation, Story Boards, Concept Art, Model Sheet, Scenarios, Computer Graphics and Animation etc.

​   Comic book collector and scholar influenced by several artists such as: Burne Hogarth, Frank Miller, Simon Bisley, Walt Disney, Álvaro de Moya, René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo,  Osamu Tezuka among others.

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