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Workshop - Thinking: Script October 09 and 10, 2021

The workshop aims to enable the participant to understand, plan, elaborate and create  a script, develop characters and  understand the elementary structures of the narrative.


Investment BRL 85.00

To register, contact WhatsApp 19 9 8810-1401 and receive instructions for payment methods.

Job market

The screenwriter can be self-employed, work developing and selling scripts for companies,  film and video production companies or contracted. You can work for television stations, cinema,  television series or the streaming system (due to the great popularity of this type of platform).  You can also work in writing for web series, narratives, comics, video games and others. He needs to be present throughout the development of the project, guiding director and cast.


DAY 1 - 10/09/2021

- The Zoom room will open at 6:45 pm;

- Start at 19:00 hours;

- Opening;

- What is Roadmap;

- Types of Itineraries;

- Imagine / Visualize;

- Character Creation;
    character dimension
      Cast Design
         • Character Design

         • Facial expressions

         • Body Language

Break (20:30 / 20:50 Hours)

-Archetypes as Functions

-Elementary Narrative Structures

      Actions and Functions
      Action and Organization of Action

      Actors and Acting
      Narrative Sequence
         • Handling
         • Qualification
         • The action
         • Sanction

End: 22:00 hours.

DAY 2 - 10/10/2021

- The Zoom room will open at 6:45 pm;

- Start at 19:00 hours;

- Opening;


         1. temporality, that is, when

         2. the location, i.e. the where

         3. the profile of the characters, that is, who

         4. the course of the dramatic action, that is, which

Classic Three-Act Structure

      First act:
      second act:
      Third act:
      Postponed Crisis
      Central Crisis

Interval (20:30 / 20:50 Hours )

      Establishing the Theme
      The Set-Up

      Break for Act II, Inciting Incident:
      Sub-Plot or Story “B”
      Games and Amusements
      Middle of the Story (Climax)
      Villains take the lead
      All lost
      the darkest night
      Break to Act III (Tiping Point)
      Final Image
      Beats build scenes

- End at 22:00 hours;

The Participant will be entitled to:
• Certificate;
• bonus  - Discount card for the next workshop;

General information:
• A group will be created in  WhatsApp, for disclosure of the access link and for sending the certificate and bonus;
• The certificate and bonus will be delivered within thirty working days after the end of the workshop.
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