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About the course

The IADC Oil Clay Sculpture course/module (traditional) was developed in 3 mandatory and 2 optional modules providing the student with the concept and practice necessary for the development of all stages in the production of an Oil Clay Sculpture, from the collection of information, creation of a rough, construction of the character's skeleton, the mold and its painting, going through the essential techniques and fundamentals in Traditional Modeling.

Students develop concepts and get to know the specific structures of each characteristic of the different types of characters, as well as the importance of the dynamic figure and the study of how to transpose 2D objects to 3D.

Course Objectives

The Oil Clay Sculpture course/module (traditional) will provide the student with the opportunity to expand their vision of character creation, analyzing its three-dimensionality, balance, composition and harmony.

During the course the student will acquire the ability to work with modeling tools, transfer measurements from the Model Sheet to his project, improve techniques that can bring a harmonious aesthetic to his character and/or objects.


  • Dedication, enthusiasm, patience and passion for the art;

  • Notion of anatomy and perspective or have completed the Basic Drawing;

  • Be over 15 years of age;

Program content

Module I: Basic Modeling

  • Presentation of tools and types of dough;

  • Welding and smoothing techniques;

  • Character construction via Model Sheet;

  • Proportions;

  • Wire skeleton assembly;

  • Structure of the piece and its sustainability;

  • Size, texture and similarity;

  • Modeling development (parts);

  • Representation of plays based on cartoons/children;

  • Creating your own piece;

Module II: Modeling-Intermediate

  • Human anatomy. Male Female;

  • Study of the face and its elements;

  • Modeling the face;

  • Body: Male/Female;

  • Hands;

  • Feet;

  • Character modeling;

Module III: Advanced-Modeling

  • Movement;

  • Expressions;

  • Dynamic poses;

  • My Hero/My Heroine;

Optional module (after completion of Modules I, II and II): Modeling-Moulds;

Optional module (after completion of Modules I, II and II): Modeling-Painting;

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